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Combined Musa and Villa Campolieto


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Two unique sites for beauty and value of the works, a single ticket to enter and live unforgettable experiences.

MUSA - Reggia di Portici

History, architectural elegance, archaeology, nature, rare plants, regal decorations, refined rooms and the look that plunges into the blue of the sea that frames a breathtaking view.
Visitors to the Royal Palace of Portici will be amazed: so much wonder in a single ticket?

The royal site of Portici was built before the Royal Palace of Caserta at the behest of the King of Naples Charles of Bourbon and the Queen Amalia of Saxony. The sovereign was looking for a sublime place to devote himself to hunting, his wife wanted to live happy days surrounded by nature and the landscape between Vesuvius and the Gulf. So Portici immediately conquered their hearts.

Today, thanks to the museums managed and maintained by the Musa Centre, visitors can enjoy a multidisciplinary "full immersion".

Over time, in fact, the complex of the Royal Palace of Portici became "a place of accumulation of memories of art, of historical-scientific and landscape memories" and is still today "a place of contrasts in which the archaeological soul and the scientific soul live". Since 1935 it has housed the Faculty of Agriculture of the University of Naples Federico II.



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MUSA - Reggia di Portici
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Villa Campolieto
Villa Campolieto
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