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Alcune sale dell'Appartamento Reale resteranno momentaneamente chiuse per l’allestimento di una mostra su reperti lignei provenienti dal Parco Archeologico di Ercolano. Pertanto il costo del biglietto avrà una riduzione sia per le visite libere, sia per le visite guidate.
MUSA and Turtle Point bundle


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With this ticket you gain access to visit MUSA Center and a guided visit to Turtle Point in Portici (Research Center Sea Turtles)

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Visitors: Minimum: 1 | Maximum: 20
This ticket is not refundable
  • Flexible date / time
    You can change the date and time of entry within a certain limit after the ticket expires
  • Mobile voucher
    You can validate the ticket directly from your Smartphone / Tablet, via the digital version of the e-ticket
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This ticket is long-lasting
From the date of purchase, you have 180 days to reserve admission to the properties.

Tickets included

MUSA - Reggia di Portici
Standard ticket
Turtle Point
Standard ticket


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